Over 20 years experience as a professional writer

Creating Products, Managing PR and SEO…

As well as writing best selling courses, books and scripts for clients, I manage SEO campaigns, PR and outreach for clients.

Ask me how I got one client into ‘O Magazine!


With over 20 years experience, whatever you are going to ask forI’ve already ironed out the kinks and can offer you professional advice, even if we aren’t a good fit for each other. I don’t just work with anyone.


It was more than 14 years ago that I celebrated writing my millionth word for a client. Courses, books, press-releases and manuscripts by custom order. I also write sales copy if the product intrigues me.


I started writing press releases right at the beginning of my career, and through my outreach campaigns I’ve helped many authors launch their books, companies reach new audiences, and helped launch a charity.

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